Canadian Homestay Services

Nacel Canada is pleased to provide Canadian homestay services to international students interested in staying in Canada for their secondary studies. Services include:

  • host family placement and support,
  • custodianship,
  • and airport transfers.

Students will be accompanied by a host parent or guardian for their school assessment. Contact us!

For Students

Nacel organizes a variety of Canadian homestay in different parts of Canada.

Nacel Canada's host families are carefully selected and matched to each student. All families provide references and security clearance checks for each adult member of the household.

English is the “main” language of the household. Students are guaranteed their own private bedroom and study area. Within the homestay program double placements are common and to be expected.

If the student’s school is not within easy walking distance, there will be public transportation available.

Nacel’s host families look forward to sharing their life and culture with their student.

Nacel does not discriminate based on race, gender, ethnic origin, or social or financial status.

For Hosts

Join the Nacel Family and host an international student!

By becoming a host family you can make a difference in tomorrow's world by hosting an international exchange student through a Nacel program. Your host as well as your family will be changed forever.

What Do We Look for in a Host Family?

We seek:

  • regular families, of all sizes and beliefs
  • Families who can provide a safe and stable home environment.

Our host families range from single-parent households to extended families with children of all ages at home. No need to be wealthy or live in a large home to host.

We are looking for host familis who provide a welcoming, supportive environment and “everyday Canadian experiences”, which are priceless to our students.

You and your family will travel without leaving home as you learn firsthand about other cultures from your student, and see your world from new eyes as you help your student experience the Canadian culture. The Canada homestay experience enriches perspectives in a way that cannot be taught in the classroom, read in a textbook, or seen in the movies—for both you and them.

Host families:

  1. Choose the program type & duration that works best for you :
    - Academic Programs: public and private schools; one-semester or year-long
    - Short Term Programs: Summer and winter

  2. Provide the following
    - Room and board in a safe and clean home of any size
    - A receptive and supportive family environment
    - Loving parental guidance

Inquire today to become a host family!

For Agents

NACEL works with educational representatives in more than 50 countries.

We value our partnership with these professionals who support our students before, during and after their Nacel programs.

An Agent Agreement must be signed between NACEL and the educational agency.

Complete program booklets on all programs are available on request.

They provide detailed information on contents, deadlines, requirements, accommodation, conditions, prices etc. Inquire today to become a Nacel Agent!

For Schools

Why work with Nacel :

1- Safety first for our students.

All our host families are carefully screened:

  • Criminal record checks.
  • Interviews
  • References.

2- Support & Attention :
Our main offices in Edmonton will provide our students with a strong base for any help needed. Our local coordinators are also always present for our students.

3- Cost Free :
Students pay 100% of our services and their accommodation services. There is no hidden cost for the school.

4- Years of Experience :
Established in 1957, we have more that 60 years of experience with educational language travel. This experience is our best ally in order to help our students to get the best out of their trip abroad. Our past client's testimonials show we do it well!

Inquire today to work with Nacel!​

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