High School at Maples Collegiate in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Non Credit)

As one of the larger schools in Manitoba, Maples Collegiate is able to offer a variety of courses and programs to meet the wide-ranging needs of our students. Students working toward their high school graduation can choose either a traditional academic route or explore vocational and alternative options. Maples proudly offers a variety of extra-curricular activities including golf, cross-country running, volleyball, soccer, basketball and athletics. As well, Maples hockey and football teams compete in the Winnipeg High School Leagues.  Maples offers an outstanding performing arts program. Their performing choral groups, concert bands and jazz bands are open to students of all grade levels. To add to the musical programs, Maples has a vibrant drama and theatre program. The school continues improving as it offers new programs like dance, broadcasting and career education.


Maples CollegiateMaples CollegiateMaples CollegiateMaples CollegiateMaples Collegiate
  • Destination Winnipeg | Manitoba Canada
  • age from 15 to 17 years old
  • Language English
  • dates September to June
  • length 10 months

Study Programs

1) Regular High School curriculum

2) Dual credits: Grade 11 and 12 students who have completed certain academic requirements are eligible to enhance their studies further by enrolling in First Year Now. This program allows students to earn recognized university credits from University of Winnipeg professors at no cost.

3) Cooperative Vocational Education


Peer Tutoring, Theatre Tech., Maples Asian Heritage Committee, M & H Club....Make‐up and Hair, EcoMaples (Environmental Awareness and Action), Awards & Scholarship Committee, Grad Committee, Student Council, Drama / Musical Productions, Maples Science Club, Chess Club


Golf, Cross‐Country running, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Athletics and others.


Maples offers an outstanding performing arts program. The performing choral groups, concert bands and jazz bands are open to students of all grade levels. To add to the musical programs, Maples has a vibrant drama and theatre programs. The school continues improving as it offers new programs like dance, broadcasting and career education.


Our high school exchange programs in Canada provide full board.  Students will be welcomed by warm Canadian host families and learn firsthand about one another's culture ‪and live in a warming and comfortable environment.

You will have the opportunity to develop your language and social skills by meeting new friends and sharing experiences with your host family. Canadians are always looking forward to learn about your culture, yourself and everything about your home country.  Host families are carefully selected by our local coordinator, based on availability and your interests and hobbies.  

Canadian host families are also well known for supporting exchange students, by offering care at all times. International students will feel like at home, from the moment they arrive.  ‪We have many stories of students keeping in touch for years with their second families, visiting again with their own parents etc.
Students can also count on the full support of our local coordinators in Canada, who will be more than glad to offer any extra support, in case students are feeling homesick, need some extra reinforcement with school subjects, or need advice in communicating with the host family. Students must be aware that they might be placed in several host families during their exchange program in Canada ‪(due to availability, life circumstance, change of jobs etc.)
The personal growth and communication skills gained from an experience abroad can make an important difference in college and career goals. Apply now for your high school exchange in Canada!


Please contact Nacel Canada HSP for further details.


Please contact Nacel Canada HSP for further details.

Price includes

  • Local supervision during whole program and local orientation
  • School and Host Family placements in Full board
  • Official documents to obtain visas
  • Reimbursement of mandatory school fees for Core Subjects
  • Medical, accident & liability insurance.
  • Local assistance and 24 hour emergency support

Price does not include

  • International airfare to final destination in Canada
  • International Travel Insurance
  • Visa, passport and medical exam fees
  • Extra activities organized by schools and other
  • Daily transfers from family to school (bus passes)
  • School supplies and calculators, uniforms and sport uniforms, club or team fees
  • Extra language courses
  • All domestic transfers in Canada
  • Individual transfers for arrivals outside of scheduled arrivals and departures
  • Legalization of High School Transcripts (225 CAD)
  • Personal expenses and pocket money
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